“…as for me and my house…”

The journey is over, but the work is not finished.  That might well be the strand that connects the stories of the Israelites in the early books of the Old Testament.  One by one, the patriarchs – the leaders – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua; each of them complete their tasks and their time on […]

Wade in the water

So we have a familiar predicament:  The people of God, with Joshua as their newly minted leader, find that there is a body of water between them and their destination.  There is no marauding army behind them this time; their enemies await on the other side of the Jordan.  It is history that drives them […]

Another test…

“…a lawyer, asked him a question to test him.”  to test him – and to trap him.  For in a place where there can only be one correct answer, you wouldn’t imagine that a wandering rabbi, disconnected from the power structure that pretends to keep those with religious ambitions safe, could possibly know the “right” […]

Give to Caesar

Moses wants clarity.  He has been frustrated by an enormous task; lead this people – God’s people now – from slavery to freedom.  God has promised to “be with them” – but that Holy presence is sometimes difficult to discern.  Pillars of fire – plagues against an enemy, these are few and far between.  The […]

The next great adventure

On the edge of the promised land; on the verge of their next great adventure.  That is the setting for the book of Deuteronomy.  Presented to us by tradition as the last words of Moses.  Full of the glory of the law, and the promise of a new beginning in a new land, Deuteronomy tries […]

(ps 139)

No darkness  –  no enemies No distance  –  no circumstance is beyond the reach, beyond the privilege, beyond the knowledge or comprehension of God  –  who crafts the universe and cares for all the creatures in it.   Who formed me and shapes me and all who cross my path.   No child that is […]

“what’s wrong with the church?”

Isaiah 42: 1-9  –  Matthew 5: 3-12 Preached at the meeting of Pictou Presbytery – Jan 17, 2017 I have had some interesting encounters this month.  A conference call to discuss the Justice Ministries Response to overtures on same sex marriage and the ordination of LGBTQ persons confirmed that there is real passion in the […]