the missing virtue..

First, the dead shall be raised. Paul makes no bones about that – for all you who are still waiting… I don’t want you to be misinformed, he writes – “For this we declare to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive, who are left until the coming of the […]


Why is it, Mary, that you couldn’t share this with your betrothed? Your pregnancy is no secret – the ‘good news’ is becoming self-evident. And Joseph loves you still – in spite of – because of the new life that is in you. Why is it, that only in the safety of Elizabeth’s embrace you are […]

What kind of story is this?

The original languages are, for most of us, unintelligible.  The stories were first recorded thousands of years ago.  The cultures inhabited by the principal characters are completely beyond our understanding.  And yet these sixty-six books, gathered together as one collection around 1500 years ago, have become our stories.  Foundational to our faith; beautiful expressions of […]

It’s a miracle…

Here’s a miracle that makes me wonder – “WHY?”  What’s the point?  Making water into wine – I get that.  Feeding thousands from a bag lunch – okay.  Healing the sick –sight to the blind – raising the dead?!?!?! – I Totally understand the significance.  As miracles – as symbols – all of these make […]


The disciples had been sent out – two by two.  They have seen and done wonders and miracles ‘by their own hands’.  Now they’ve found their way back to Jesus, who says ‘Hey; let’s take some time to talk about what’s just happened…’It’s been a hectic time.  They had not even had a chance for […]


What do you make of this episode in Jesus’ life?  Home, for Jesus, means Nazareth.  In Mark’s gospel, there is no hint of heavenly announcements – no rustic nursery in Bethlehem – no murderous fanatic causing the young family to flee the country.  Jesus ‘of Nazareth’ – local boy made famous by his miraculous healings […]

To boldly go…

Jairus was leader of the local Synagogue; as a man of privilege and power; a man whose wisdom and knowledge of religious tradition and practice was essential to the spiritual health of the community, he comes to see Jesus.  This might have been a natural curiosity – or it could have been a pre-emptive visit, […]

Seeds of hope.

Little things mean a lot.  Gestures of affection, courtesy or respect aren’t always grand things.  Words like ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’.  Holding the door open for one more person.  Giving up your seat in a crowded waiting room.  Letting someone else go ahead of you at the checkout.  Little things – whether or not you are […]