“Hear, O Israel…” the faithful children of Abraham cry reminders of the sacred trust laid down in stone and fire on mountain’s height when Moses reluctant righteousness brought to ancient wanderers words of hope the promise of presence. “Love the Lord your God…”; keep sacred the Sabbath day, by doing so your peace will pass […]

Trinity and mystery

“When Quirinius was governor of Syria…”  “On the third day…”  “The year that king Uzziah died…”  Throughout Scripture we are given these occasional historical references.  They anchor the narratives in time, and help us to understand that these are real people, writing about things that have context outside their religious importance.  Prophets are located during […]

Life in the Spirit

Today is the day.  In the middle of the first long weekend of the ‘good weather’ season; on a day we will celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion; today is the day that many life-long Presbyterians get a little bit nervous.  ‘It’s Holy Spirit day’…as though the Spirit could be confined to one moment in […]

The myth of Us vs. Them.

What does it mean to belong…to be ‘part of the family’?  On a weekend when we are invited to honour the mothers (and mother figures) among us, it is good to remember that it takes more than just a biological connection – a shared name – or shared cultural history to make connections that are […]

And now, the waiting begins.

Jesus is risen – let there be no doubt about it.  For more than forty days Jesus is among them again; walking, talking, eating and teaching.  Forty days to convince and encourage his disciples; every day another joyful reunion.  I imagine these forty days to be a time full of “I-told-you-so”, and “It’s too good […]

Be like Philip.

Philip does not get much time in the spotlight.  Peter, Paul, Andrew, James and John – these are the names we know.  Philip does take his chance when it comes.  It is Philip that introduces Nathaniel to Jesus.  Nathaniel – ‘what good can come from Nazareth’ – that was Philip (according to John’s gospel) who […]

Believe it or not…

The story of the first Easter is told in a variety of ways.  Each of the Gospels offers a different perspective.  Sure, the details are the same: empty tomb that should have been occupied; fear and astonishment that become – only gradually – joy and delight.  And eventually we realize that Jesus is showing up […]