About me

singing with friends

This is who I am – a transplanted Upper Canadian, happily living in Canada’s   Ocean Playground.  I lead worship, – called to a second career as a Teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in Canada – I write poetry – I coach soccer – I love life in the Maritimes.

What you read here is all mine.  The ideas may not be original, but the words to describe them are arranged in a manner that is mine alone.  If you like what you see, credit a comprehensive education in a country full of ideas.  If you are troubled, remember – no one forced you to read it…


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Good to hear from you Scott
    there are some things about facebook that I miss – your own good self, among them.
    Very good to hear from you.
    Blessing to you and your family


  2. Hey Jeff,
    Nice to find you on-line again. It is also great to read God reflected in your heart and through your writing.
    – Blessings,
    Scott Bullock

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