The devil is in the details

The times in which the gospel was written were bleak times indeed for faithful people.  Once again the sons and daughters of Abraham find themselves prisoners in their own territory.  The Romans rule the promised land – and that is not how the promise was understood.  The faithful are disillusioned.  Religious leaders have made dangerous […]

Transfiguration #2

If Scripture were only a simple recording of facts, this episode would be most notable for its strangeness.  Jesus – ‘revealed’ on a hilltop, shining and glorious – surrounded by heroes from history.  Our ‘modern minds’ can hardly cope with such an idea.   But this brief moment of transfiguration is part of a bigger […]

“For this is what I came out to do…”

“Everyone is looking for you…” So say the small band of disciples who find Jesus praying in the still, dark hours of morning.  This has been a revelation, not just for Simon, Andrew, James and John, but for the whole community.  Once the word spread of Jesus’ enthusiasm for healing and offering wholeness, the whole […]

Looking for leadership

Remember the ‘good old days’?  When good and evil were easy to tell apart?  When the good guys had a trusty side-kick; the bad guy – henchmen.  Remember those days?  You will if you were a fan of Saturday serial movies featuring Roy Rogers and Gene Autry .  Those were the days, right? – with […]

Grace trumps privilege – every time.

“The gospel seems most urgent to those whose need is greatest.” Jonah’s story is hard to accept, not because of the whole ‘belly of the fish’ thing, but because it sounds too much like a story about us.  Jonah steps into the story from a position of power.  He has a place in the world; […]

Not just another baptism…

In the name of God – Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer – Amen. “Remember your Baptism, and give thanks.”  I will have occasion to say this (one hopes) many more times.  Those words were part of the service that we used before Christmas to welcome new members; they also form the core of our Baptismal liturgy.  While […]