Mark, Gospel of – chapter 3: 20-35

Crowds now make

ordinary life


Reality has been

altered; the Kingdom

of God, invoked-

humanity’s rule, provoked.

Meanwhile, the family thinks

that [HE] has

lost his marbles. (see verse 21)


Possessed, he is, by the

Evil One – so says

the family –

as though Evil

could be bold enough

to promote

peace, love and

wholeness in

a broken world.


Jesus’ response

was to tell the


If he was usurping

the strong man who

set the rules

and owned the house,

it was only possible because

he first had

bound the strong man –

held him fast.


The ruler of

this world, incapacitated

by his love of power,

lies helpless in the corner

while God

goes about God’s



June 6 – 2015


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