out of nothing. answers; questions.

“What do you do?”

They asked the question innocently,

uneasy with his honesty

undone by his approach.

“I notice things –

the state of play between

humanity and their circumstances

is my field of study

and my greatest passion.”

“what say you, then

what’s going on in this great time of desperation?”

a secular people

plied the man with

curiosity, and no small measure

of sarcasm.

“God, whose death you have declared

is very much alive (he said)

and closer than you think.” They cringed,

anticipating wrath they knew

was their due and doom…

“but wrath” (he said)

is not the currency of the Creator;

judgement has been passed – the verdict rendered

and you stand acquitted,

though hardly innocent…”

…and this is what they fear;

this subtle honesty

that paints a different

portrait of God;

a Picasso set amongst old masters –

radically diverse renderings

of their common subject.

We who have been pardoned –

still guilty of the sin of pride

that can’t distinguish luck from

love or grace from greed –

still struggling with the potential

inherent in our God-ness

(so made in the beginning;

male and female, were they created;

in the image of purity,

light and goodness, were they


do well to listen and engage

with such prophetic thinkers.

“Be doer’s of the word, not only hearers”

says the Word that gathers

words of faith to us.

and so we must,

or doomed to tread a path

bereft of hope,

are we.


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