Another Good Samaritan sermon

Thorburn-Sutherland's River Pastoral Charge

“Rabbi, how can I inherit eternal life?”

The question is a ruse – a trap – a blind that covers his real fear.

But Jesus is not fooled.  ‘What does Torah tell you?’

Always go back to the source, is Jesus’ motto.

Answers are given – satisfactory answers, according to the law –

according to the teacher.

Love God – Love your neighbour.  But, says the man….

There is an easy way, and a more difficult way –

and the easy way is hidden by his next question.


Yes, this is a parable about the power of love, and the kindness of strangers –

and yes, the ‘law’ that has been quoted is illustrated by this parable.

But what if there is more?


The priest and the Levite are held up

as grumbling, miserable self-righteous jerks, to be blunt.

They cross the road and don’t look back.


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