Christmas morning – 2006

The fantastic visions are finished –

clouds of glory banished by the dawn.

No more Heavenly host

surrounding shepherds

and guiding guests from afar.

This morning brings us back to earth

doubting our fragile senses –

and yet…

A peaceful, joyous feeling

has settled over us,

for we have been given

a glimpse of what was

and of what certainly shall be.

Simeon saw salvation

and declared himself content,

for in Jesus’ small form

he recognized all the promises of God

born anew.

Fresh promises

– solutions to stagnant problems –

Hope that our search for joy

for peace – for light

A search that has carried us

through our darkest days and our most evil times

is ended.

A child the answer

to our greatest question.

Our ancient foe – the spectre of sin

is driven away

by God’s own enthusiasm. The very footprints

of the Most High

now mark the path for us;

freedom & righteousness

revelation & glory

wholeness & peace

are ours by God’s own granting.

For unto us a child is born

unto us a son is given.

The weight of the worlds waiting

Shall not wear him down.

The whole earth shall sing for joy

knowing her Saviour has come –

our God is with us.


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