The prophetic pronunciations

slip silently over our


Ours is not Isaiah’s vigil –

our exile is not so brutal as it once was.

Oh, we are still exiled – bound and fettered –

but ours is self-inflicted.

We keep a willing distance from Divinity,

our choices, poor substitutions.


Yet listen to that advent call!

The promised resolution is revealed

and God waits for our resolve to crumble.

For we have failed in our promises;

we too have turned our backs –

lost sight of glorious grace that meets us still

in Jesus.

Jesus, whose birth sparked

riots of joy

among the down and out crowd.

Jesus, whose birth attendants

stood in steamy stables;

silent supplication.

Jesus answers ancient promises

and stirs our current questions

and today we mark the season (still)

of waiting – our liturgical reminder

that though the waiting is not over,

God is more persistent, by far,

than we.

The story told afresh

will give new hope,

new chances,

new opportunities

to serve and be served


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