Because you knew Margaret Avinson

Our vocation brings with it
a tendency to implement
a way of seeing not approved
by all who gather ’round.
And though we see three glasses,
posed and balanced on that table,
I am drawn to look for evidence
within their consequential place.
Those glasses may or may not be
suggestive of the Trinity,
but now our conversation has
created space in which to place
ideas, fraught with consequence
of unintended grace.
Thus struck by fullness emptied
for the sake of our forgetfulness
one empty vessel holds the whole
extent of this poor poets
random, rambling
A Triune tribute, unintended,
washes over every act
of calling back to memory
that moment caught in time.
And from that recollection
fondly follows thoughts of majesty
that gather us in consequences
fraught with grace divine.

June 20, 2009 – Victoria University – Toronto


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