Rainy day thoughts on Paul

A week – a month to forget.

two days of sunshine and celebration

midst rain – grey, drizzly dampness

deeply felt.

The citizens, visibly affected,

don plastic coats and rubber boots,

pretending this is just

a dismal spring extended.

This malaise runs deeper

than an atmospheric anomaly.

Our very souls are soggy;

sapped of any spirit

by the effort of existing in the dark.

Perhaps Paul,

writing from an appropriately dry distance,

provides the heat required to dry our dismal days.

“Get along!  Practice perfection!

Live in LOVE for Loves own sake!”

Paul urges his unknown audience

to live in Spirit’s power

in spite of dull and daunting days.

So let’s live, damnit!

Live in love, and let the Spirit

move us in ways that transform and terrify.

Live to serve and honour God,

and never mind your power plays –

endless games of


Worship, work

and wend your way

toward peace in the presence of Peace.

Let Paul rest his pen

and play the pleased patriarch

as slowly we savour the Saviour’s legacy.

June 16, 2011  –  J.R. Lackie


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