Wanted: A lingering leap of faith

it is

a poorly written tragedy –

too much tension without

the possibility of real relief

overwhelmed by what she would

or would not want.

Shielded by sorrow

and  holding

fast to obligations that

may or may not

exist beyond breath.

I am not sure I can understand

the intensity of ‘groundless faith’

the new religion of

this survivalist society

believing only in life,

lived on selfish terms –

lived in clinical, digital, consumerist isolation…

Familiarity does not breed contempt

but proximity might –

it most certainly fosters

fear mixed with envy

and, of course, the mother of

all original sin – unreasoned


Not unreasonable,

that’s different – unreasoned;

expectations without foundations

that come from themselves,

loud and inbred –

eager to push us over the


for it’s the edge that we are standing on;

a precipice inviting us

to run away or jump.

Jumping is what I choose to do

into the abyss that

is, as it happens, neither empty nor void.

It is the realm of divine possibility

accessible only if

you can bring yourself to cast yourself

out into the waiting arms of God

Nov. 2010  –  JR Lackie


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