according to John…

..where I am going, you cannot come.”

Words uttered on the brink of

unthinkable disaster.

For he went, under guard,

to the heart of oppression;

earthly authority taking full liberty

with one whose allegiance

was not of this earth.


I give you a new commandment…”

into despair, a lifeline of duty

tradition remade

at the point of a sword.

Evoking the ancient covenant

he opened the path paved

by service, and sacred selflessness.

Opportunity dawned.


Love one another…as I have loved you.”

the task made possible

by what would unfold.

as soldiers slogged

and the righteous revealed

their true colours.

That love showed hatred

the face of grace.

JR. Lackie – Camp Geddie – Oct 16, 2010


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