Summer solitude

There’s jazz in the air, and the light is fading.

We’re amusing ourselves with summer pursuits;

reading and ignoring regularities. Lovely

laziness – lounging in luxury that would seem

like deprivation in any other month.

But this is July, and temperaments are well suited

to reckless abandonment of everything but the senses.

For June brought trials; tribulations of tenderness

that left deficits of joy –

the echoes of distress that come from death

in its several, (nagging) forms.

June saw travel, reunion, rebuttal and reflection;

always threatening to overwhelm.

And August anticipates

all that might be, much that shall be,

more that will refuse to be.

August is our ass-kicking

for abandoning ship in July – but

abandon, we must, for without this;

without silent, soulful nights

spent staring at the stars,

or deeply into my lover’s eyes,

our purpose would be lost; a soul, misplaced.

So July must come annually

and, occasionally,

when it’s least expected.

JR Lackie  – July 12/10

The Ponds, Pictou County, NS


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