Tables turned

Why did you go and eat with them?

They are not like us, you know.

Rude and careless habits, they have –

far from us; further from God…

what have they to do with us –

with our mission – our mercy?

Our vision and purpose

comes straight from the top.

No detours. No exceptions.

Except for you, of course.

You fished, didn’t you?

Spent time in boats and on the wharf;

up to your ankles in fish guts and stale seawater,

How did that work – remind us…

He came. He called. You dropped everything

and followed. So you, and your friends

and everyone you meet seem to be

exceptions to that rule that says “Don’t”

In this manner of teaching, our likeness is revealed –

our differences dismissed –

and we don’t like it!

For if they are fit –

acceptable and clean –

then what of US…

what of us?

Westville NS – J R Lackie ©

The way – the truth – the life turned over


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