Can there be grace in our distress?

When age has robbed us of beauty and utility;

when, bed-ridden and soul-sick,

we wait wearily for our curtain call?

An aging population,

artificially enabled to surpass four-score and twenty,

show sure signs of grace in ways that are

disturbingly beautiful.

Witness the joy – the softened expression

when the cool cloth is applied to the fever-fouled flesh.

relief and gratitude at a damp sponge, applied with tender care.

When the days are measured by small sips of water –

short bursts of deep sleep –

small immeasurable acts of kindness and caring –

grace is found and fed and fashioned

in gentle, subtle, sincere ways.

Grace need not be gilt-edged or trimmed with lace

to be Biblical in its


J.R. Lackie

Thorburn – Holy Week – 2010


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