Familiar footsteps

What’s wrong with the desert?

Everything, that’s what!

It’s hot – desolate – dry –

damn little to recommend it

as a destination of reflection,

but reflect, I must;

having been directed

by that irresistible urge

towards the holy –

towards the light – of course,

everything is light here;

even darkness is light here.

Without distraction –

apart from my hoarded necessities –

there is a sense

of sacred solitude

that keeps me safe from harm.

Temptations, one by one

resolve to wear me down –

to end my isolation.

Visions of safety,

service and satisfaction

dance before my eyes…

but memories of my

covenantal history

restore my sight.

This is a test of my resolve –

the covenant, unshakable, continues;

the bargain unbroken,

as imbued with borrowed integrity

gleaned from graciousness,

my hunger is satisfied

my longing, suppressed,

my way of service becomes apparent.

Feb. 18, 2010 – New Glasgow, NS


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