What – Good – Prayer



profiles of praise and pain planted in places not often explored.

Examined with inexpressible longing
sure of nothing except the need

to articulate that which is within;
withheld for reasons to be determined.

I – Me – My –
my own reluctance is clearly defined:
time is too precious; it’s too awkward to stop,
smell the roses / honour the rose-maker,
but prayer tossed off in haste is still prayer, isn’t it?
Isn’t it!!??
…but with the luxury of time,
with only the fire crackling,
to this glorious vacuum –
to this spirit-soaked silence – comes God’s gracious greatness
eager to seek – certain to find that
dark corner of the soul that needs lightening

and as the light of God plays ‘cross the landscape of my day –

I find the resultant shadows hold less fear
than when they were devouring dark.
In God’s light those shadows have become
a parody of all I ever feared, loathed,
or in myself found wanting.
And since, in Christ, God chooses
to dismiss my sin and level my shame

with the laughter of one who has left death in the dust –
given up the grave as a bad habit –
then in that flickering, fabulous light
I too can laugh again.

J R Lackier
Jan 16, 2010 – Camp Geddie, Pictou County, NS.


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