Conditions and other things

First condition – there are no

foolish questions.  even in places

where ignorance rules the day

the questions we never ask can never be answered.

…and another thing –

since ignorance rules us,

and we long to be free

of the tyranny of mindlessness,

let us relinquish those things we need:

control; certainty; carefully crafted


let love be patient, kind, curious

and willing to admit mistakes –

because from such error come those

great leaps of faith, on which

the universe tumbles and turns.

Let hope never waver, for hope defies

the evidence, and makes the wise


let faith be the gift

it has always been –

free and easy

and impossible to wrap well –

accept this gift as you do

all those dear, difficult things

that come by way of unacknowledged relatives…

Second condition – there are no foolish gifts,

though fools are often generous; and

wiser than we give them credit.

And another thing…

J.R. Lackie – Camp Geddie, NS – Jan 16, 2010


2 thoughts on “Conditions and other things

  1. Thanks for the visit –
    Your blog has become a bookmark for me. Your writing has the kind of fertile honesty that keeps me wanting more.

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