nothing new but the date

Jan 1/10

Another year underway, with precious little seeming to change – a litany of murder and violence greet me on the breakfast newscast – professional Olympic athletes (the worst kind of oxymoron) create more media interest than the highjacking of the democratic process by Canada’s minority government – on pristine calendars  we continue to record the same banalities – life, death and dental appointments; will nothing ever change?

My faith-soaked brain tells me that things will change; things must change – but there is a caveat; those changes come at the expense of our collective, collaborative efforts for change – faithful alongside faithless – nay-sayers and truth-tellers, the needy and their benefactors, all pulling in a direction that is foreign to them.  Soon comes (in the church) the forgotten feast of Epiphany – a time commemorating the visit of several foreign venture capitalists to the bedside of one they called King.  in a season celebrating this trip into the poorly-known by those flush with ancient wisdom, could we not resolve to move beyond the comfortable precincts of predictable behaviour – violence, prejudice, and time-filling trivialities – to places of wonder and discovery?  May our eyes finally be opened to the majesty that we had nothing to do with, but which has everything to do with us.  Follow  God’s glory and call it a star, if you must – but know that our darkness has been forever shattered, and life need never be the same again.




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