Thomas terrified

Like children,

Jesus says, your faith should be.

Not childish but child-like:

curiosity caught in

crystalline clarity.

Our questions cannot

quench the fires of

fervent faith


Curiosity – the hallmark

of the chosen people;

what else would draw us

to the holy places on our

vast horizons…?

Inquiring minds

are soon arrested by

the changing changelessness

creations coffers offer us:

“Unless I see the marks”

we say, and ever searching

for those perilous proofs

that speak of saving grace,

we find – finally – suggestions

of solutions sorted for us.

Thomas, terrified, tries to tell

the tale of his reluctance.

Held hostage by his holy hesitancy

he hears assurance gently chiding

offered against the odds:

“Blessed are those who believe without seeing.”

they are we, that time forgot;

frozen by our faith –

found fully formed –

in He who IS.

Camp Geddie – April 17, 2009


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