Paul’s peripheral vision

Not by law, but grace

we stand or fall

but does law then

ring hollow?

the law Paul knew;

a law of shalt

and “thou shalt not”

is cast aside.

Revealed as flawed

and not of God…

then what of God

stands firm?

Grace, it seems, long has

echoed through

the circumstances

of God’s fumbling folk.

The law, now striken;

subservient to

the purer purpose, oft perverted.

The Law became sin

and dwelt among us

casting sinister shadows

beside and between

the well-intentioned.

Remember, you are dead

Paul writes,

to sin and so

alive to grace

and all its powerful


mingled with wonder

because, quite clearly,

dead we are not…

Life is our symptom

and life the promise

or else we could not stand.

Fallen we may be

but not yet felled;

our hope is given

new breath

as grace replaces

that faint

counterfeit that

bound us to failure

and constant comparison,

while through it all

God stands – serene

and offers up

the better way.


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