on the Incarnation

God’s self disguised; the glory veiled,
and yet incarnate glory came
in Christ the source and end of all.
Subject of praise, poem and prose
– such glory known to us in word
and ancient peoples’ praise.

God’s self revealed; the glory veiled
by stubborn sin and selfish pride
in us that shields from sight the One –
the Servant King – both man and God
his presence, gift of grace by grace
to humble faith revealed .

God’s self opaque; the glory veiled
in flesh – as one of us – who came
a man who gave new life to stale
ideas of ancient things divine.
miraculous, the mystery;
doctrine of flesh and blood

God’s self oppressed; the glory veiled
by thorny crown and mocking crowd.
Humiliation at the hands
of friend turned foe – our backs now turned
while whispers the creating Word:
“they know not what they do.”

God’s self at dawn; the glory veiled
by tears and grief until by name
He calls her – “Mary” – and she knows
that hope is found – the promise lives
not even death’s dark vale can hold
the glory born of God.

J R Lackie – February, 2009 – Thorburn, NS


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