We see – what we want to see in
scripture and in life an endless
affirmation of all our wildest hopes and
fondest wishes bound together in the
Strong Name of Jesus and in God’s
omnipotence which the church has

made what it is today for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,in sickness and in health till death brings us into the reality of THE PRESENCE

We see – what we hope to see by faith
in the light of the resurrection story
which should be Good News of Great
Joy to ALL People if it weren’t for the blood
and the guts and the gore at the
end it would be astounding to think that
God so loved the world or that God
loved the world at all which of course
is the hope that stirs our deepest desire
for acceptance and God-likeness
and peace

We see – what we are led to see by the
spirit which pushes and pulls and prompts
us to places of revelation and recreation
although we are reluctant it can happen
that in our obstinance we meet God and
are amazed by the length, depth, height,
and breadth that proves the very idea
of God for the satisfaction of our sacred
curiosity and for God’s good pleasure

We see – what we need to see as all
around us life and limb are threatened
by the ways of sin and death and taxes
which seem the only real things unless
we look a little closer at the beauty that
surrounds us and feeds us and makes
us who we are in the image of God,
male and female, since the beginning of time
it has been thus revealed by THE CHRIST

J. Lackie – Camp Geddie, NS – January, 2007


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