In the beginning there were words.
And the words were descriptive, and beautiful, and helpful in explaining the inexplicable.
And the words were about God, and the words were because of God,
and the words were from God –
and God began to take shape in our consciousness.
And the words were passed around and set to music
and used to remind both friend and foe,
that for the things we cannot understand,
we defer to One we cannot see – cannot name – cannot fully comprehend.
And the words made it to the page – and took on a life of their own.
We codified and celebrated them, and though the words were not God,
their collected power became god-like.
And the words were translated and interpreted
and became uniquely qualified in the minds of some,
in ways both inappropriate and unintended.
The words are there for all people –
and some people choose to dismiss them,
while others will brook no argument  about the words and their meaning.
But to all who would study them and question them,
and learn from them, and let the words inform their living,
they become words of life abundant.
And the words tell the story of God’s way with God’s people –
from the perspective of those who, without realizing,
were part of God’s unfolding plan to bring a new perspective
to our view of ourselves, our role in creation, and our relationship with God.

J. Lackie – Pictou County, NS – January, 2009


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